Monday, 6 August 2018

You Want to Succeed So Bad? Just Do It!

How often have you wanted to quit your 9- to 5 and start off on your own but keep postponing it? How often have you promised yourself to start eating healthier and exercising more but never get around to it? How often have you promised to save more but it never seems to happen? The key to succeeding in anything in personal, social, spiritual and business life is to just do what needs to be done. These are not empty words. They are the hindsight of a guy who grew from a relatively unknown high school football coach into the CEO of the largest life insurance company in America worth over $300 billion. This is the power of mental toughness as told by Art Williams. Just Do It speech Art Williams was invited to the 1987 National Religious Broadcaster Convention. This is where he gave one of the most unique speeches to be heard at a religious convention. The theme of the speech was success by personal conviction, commitment, and integrity of character. • Mental toughness – This is what makes winners; not skills or good papers, but the will to see it through and stay on the course no matter the pitfalls. This can never be taught in any school or captured in any IQ tests. You have to develop it yourself by believing you can do it. • Excitement and passion - This is what keeps you going even when the results are not encouraging. It is what makes successful people fall and get up again time after time no matter how long it takes. • Dreaming big – There is nothing like ‘I can’t.’ Every dream is valid, no matter how big. For you to work passionately on something, you have to have a vision of success. • Integrity in character – You don’t have to be nasty and mean to succeed. Being good to customers and other people in business does not mean you get the short end of the stick. You tell it as it is and form stronger relationships, even in personal life. • Total commitment – This is needed so that you can give your all. There are no half-measures. You have to go all the way no matter what. It gives you the courage to keep going in the face of adversity. • God first - Being spiritually healthy guides all your other dealings in personal and business life. Art Williams was on his own at the age of 19. He later became a football coach but decided he wanted better in life. By the time he delivered this speech as a successful insurance manager at the age of 45 by which time he was managing a multi-billion dollar company. Yes, you too can do it. Just Do It!

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