Saturday, 4 March 2017

Useful Info on Your Diet to Prevent Angular Cheilitis

Perhaps the title of this article may seem to you a little bit exaggerated thinking what diets have to do with angular cheilits when this condition manifests at the level of one’s lips and is caused more often than not by the dryness of the lips exposed too much in the sun or dry windy cold weather.
Well, you may have a point with this one but you should know that according to many studies conducted in this direction it has been proved that a poor diet in vitamin B2 and iron can actually leads to the manifestation of this condition. This is because the immune system may be affected and thus less prone to fighting infections. Also the lack of zinc in one’s diet can be a cause to end up with angular cheilitis occurrence.
This condition appears indeed at the level of your lips but has a lot to do with your diet. Have you ever experienced the occurrence of cold sore or herpes? This one is also installing mostly on your lips, and it is the result of a virus that manifests in this way once your immune system becomes weaker and is not able to fight fever. This is actually why it is also known by fever blister.
So, as you can see, not only angular cheilitis can occur at the lips without having anything to do with the lips whatsoever. The area of your mouth ends up being infected by this condition because your lips can become too dry since your body lacks those vitamins and minerals and you will be more tempted to have your lips wet more often than usually.
Through constant wetting you can only aggravate the dryness that manifests in cracked skin because you can bring inside those cracks the presence of bacteria which will stay there finding a good environment to grow and breed undisturbed. Once you reach this stage, you need to look for treatment that coupled with a right diet you will easily defeat the angular cheilitis before it grows into a more severe and painful form.
So, it is time to take a closer look at your diet and eliminate any further periods of malnutrition even if you are engaged in a weight loss plan. Yes, many people in search of losing weight will reach out for starving themselves instead of eating healthier and staying hydrated. They may as well be more prone to manifesting angular cheilitis due to their imbalanced dietary plans and lack of proper hydration. This will only result in dryness of their lips making them crack easily allowing the bacteria install at the corners of their mouth and making the things even worse.
Therefore the angular cheilitis diet will go for a balanced dietary plan with the right hydration and the right treatment. In a short while you will experience fast results of curing this condition while your state of health gets improved.

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